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MAD-UP PRO® This innovative concept is based on monitoring and controlling blood flow to the limbs. It acts as a natural BIO ACCELERATOR therefore low intensity resistance training can be used to recreate the effects of high intensity training. As a result low impact exercise can be safely used to achieve effective, efficient rehabilitation by significantly improving muscle atrophy and enabling a faster return to function.

How does it work?

An inflatable cuff is secured around the upper or lower limbs. The machine will identify and regulate precise blood flow restriction to optimize your session. 

This will reduce the oxygenation of the muscle without the damaging effects of complete restriction. This technique helps with the accumulation of blood in the capillaries of the limb musculature.  This produces profound muscle fatigue without damage.

With the  accumulation of  metabolits  along with muscle fatigue , the nervous system tells the brain that muscle need help.

With this information, the brain releases growth hormones from the pituitary gland

Anabolic hormones are released and they target anabolic receptors on all muscles this action helps with repair of the muscle without causing any damage to the tissue.