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The application of cold compression following an injury or surgery has a number of therapeutic benefits

Cryo Compression Therapy

Balancing Beam

MSK-Cryo system takes R.I.C.E. principles to the next level, at an affordable price, enabling you to recover faster and better with less cost.

The benefit of a programmable ice pneumatic compression system

Anatomical Model

Reduced tissue damage

due to hypoxia

Vasculature of the Heart

Decreased blood loss following surgery

Neck Treatment

Reduced swelling and inflammation

Woman in Pain

Reduced pain

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Increased lymphatic drainage

Family Time

Gets you back to the things you love, faster.

Some of our equipment 


MSK Cryo 2000

MSK Cryo 2000


Light Weight



High compression

Strong & Rugged


PhysioL Lab S1

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